“The Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: A Year of Resilience”

Starting today, we are hosting a series of conferences throughout Georgia to evaluate the impact of Russian aggression against Ukraine in the past year, the evolving international and security landscape in Europe and Eurasia, and the status of Georgian-Ukrainian relations. The series will culminate in an international conference in Tbilisi on February 23rd.

During the conference, we delved into Ukraine’s experiences over the past year and explored potential future scenarios. We also analyzed the current global political and security landscape, as well as the relationship between Georgia and Ukraine.

In addition to Telavi, regional conferences will be held in five cities across Georgia: #Tbilisi, #Gori, Kutaisi, Tsalenjikha, and Batumi.
These conferences are funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine and organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia.

Regional conference