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Conference on “Georgia’s European Future:

#EECMD organized a conference on “Georgia’s European Future: Partnership and Strategy” to facilitate a discussion about the strategy of how to best pursue democratization and the European integration agenda under the existing security, socio-economic and political circumstances in Georgia.

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The Individual Behind the Language in Georgia and Ukraine

“Language has always been something that has interested me. I grew up in a bilingual Ukrainian-Russian household in Canada, a bilingual English-French country. I never formally learnt Ukrainian or Russian, since my Ukrainian family did not want me to confuse the two, so I learnt French instead.” – Dasha Akhova

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European Forum of Georgia’s address to citizens of Georgia

On behalf of the 140 members of the European Forum of Georgia, we would like to address the situation which has unfolded over the recent days, in regard to Georgian-European relations:

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Address of the Association of Democracy Schools Alumni

Today, Georgia is facing a significant challenge comparable to the events of 1921. On June 24, our country’s future will be decided, whether we finally return to the European family or miss out on this historic opportunity. Now, as never before, society needs to be united and reaffirm the civil consensus enshrined in the Constitution

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The ECCMD congratulates its first-ever alumni from Chisinau’s Democracy School

The school’s work is part of a multilayer project in the region known as “Strengthening Democratic Political Culture in Moldova, through Grassroots Engagement and Enhanced Political Dialogue”. The project has begun operating in three stages with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Moldova.

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Prominent Belarusian activist Anatoly Lyabedzka met leaders of Georgian political parties.

Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD) organized a meeting between prominent Belarusian activist Anatoly Lyabedzka and leaders of Georgian political parties.

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WWW.PREZIDENTI.GE has been created to foster an informed political debate on the issues that are important to the Georgian society for upcoming Presidential Elections of October, 27. is NIMD's project, which regularly publishes the views of the political parties on the political, economic and social issues since 2012.