Mate Chapichadze

Mate Chapichadze has been serving as the coordinator of the Kutaisi Democracy School at the Eastern European Center for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD) since 2021. He holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Akaki Tsereteli State University of Kutaisi and has successfully passed the qualification exam of the Georgian Bar Association.

Prior to joining EECMD, Mate worked as a long-term observer for the International Society for Fair Elections And Democracy (ISFED) in the Sachkhere district. He also served as a coordinator for community development projects at the Imereti Regional Office of the Charity and Humanitarian Center “Abkhazia” (CHCA). At different times, he worked as a legal consultant for programs providing legal assistance and long-term resettlement for internally displaced persons from occupied territories.

Mate’s focus is on safeguarding and empowering socially vulnerable groups to ensure they have equitable access to public goods, similar to other social groups.