EECMD statement in support of the work of IRI and NDI in Georgia

We would like to respond to the mounting disinformation campaigns against the US NGOs working to advance democracy in Georgia. In particular, the two democracy support organizations: IRI and NDI have been singled out by malign, anti-democratic actors for targeted propaganda efforts. These efforts aim to mislead the Georgian citizens by misrepresenting the true and highly beneficial nature of democracy support work carried out by these organizations.

For Georgia, a path to democracy had not been easy, it never is. It would have been much harder were it not for the work which both IRI and NDI have been doing for years. EECMD had worked closely with these organizations for years and we know very well how deep and genuine their commitment to advance freedom and democracy in Georgia is and how professional and well thought through are their methodologies and assistance strategies. Their valuable projects strengthen Georgia’s democratic resilience at times when they are so much more required. By attacking them, the effort is made to weaken the broad commitment of Georgians to build a truly democratic state, to undermine US-Georgia relations and derail the country from its European and Euro-Atlantic choice.

We extend our full support to the work of both organizations in Georgia. We also urge the Georgian society not to fall prey to these misleading populist campaigns and to make informed judgments independently.

Finally, we express our gratitude to IRI and NDI for their valuable support to Georgian democracy. We look forward to our continued and fruitful partnership, welcome their continued presence in the country, and wish them future success in Georgia.