The European Forum of Georgia

The representatives of civil society, media, academia, and political parties, united by the belief that Georgia must be a democratic state and a member of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

  • Express their solidarity and support to Ukraine – Georgia’s closest friend and its resilient people.
  • Trust, that building a democracy and joining the European Union and NATO transcend partisan lines and ideological preferences and represent a shared national interest.
  • Declare, that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is a humanitarian and military crime against the Ukrainian people and represents a direct threat to Georgia’s national security and peace.
  • Believe, that defeating and mitigating these threats calls not for inactivity, but for fortifying the country’s military, political and civilian resilience.
  • Call for broad civic and political coordination and better organization of joint efforts.


To these ends, the organizations and citizens signing this declaration:

  • Hereby establish the European Forum of Georgia as an instrument for more intensive cooperation and joint initiatives of pro-democratic organizations.
  • The European Forum of Georgia will be an open and democratic platform for joint consultation, planning, and organization.
  • The Forum can be joined at any time by any organization or a citizen of Georgia recognizing the core values of democracy and supporting Georgia’s aspirations toward joining the European Union and NATO.


The participants of the European Forum of Georgia call on the Parliament and the Government of Georgia to:

  1. Undertake the necessary steps required for joining the European Union in the coming days, effectively implement relevant reforms and changes, and carry out these actions with necessary transparency.
  2. Undertake effective steps to improve the relations with Ukraine immediately and align Georgia’s foreign and security policies with the EU as per the Association Agreement signed between Georgia and the European Union.
  3. Review Georgia’s defense capabilities in the nearest future. Consider and discuss (in both parliamentary and public settings) ways and means to strengthen these capabilities and take urgent measures to qualitatively upgrade them, including along the “line of occupation” established by the Russian forces after their intervention in Georgia in 2008.
  4. Take effective and expeditious measures to effectively suppress and neutralize Russian propaganda, disinformation, and other tools of hybrid warfare in Georgia.
  5. Ensure that the Parliament of Georgia takes up these issues at the Committee and Plenary Sessions in the coming days and makes appropriate decisions.


The European Forum of Georgia will continue consolidating democratic groups around these goals and values, developing relevant new initiatives, and making a positive impact on policy in line with Georgia’s national interests.

Application form for  to join the European Forum of Georgia:


March 04, 2022


List of Signatures: 

Georgian Institute of Politics

Ilia Chavchavadze Center for European Studies and Civic Education

Democracy Research Centre (DRI)


Civic Initiatives and Innovation Centre (CIIC)

Dean of the School of Law and Politics – GIPA

Public Broadcaster

Conflictologist / DAAD

University of Georgia / Center for Strategic Analysis of Georgia

Executive Director of Forbes (Georgia) / Activist 

Democracy Index 

Media Center Kakheti (MCK)

Kakheti Regional Development Fund (KRDF)

Regional Development Center

Social Umbrella

Center for Civic Activities – Kakheti

Pankisi Community Organization

Main Actions from Kakheti (MAK)

Kakheti Regional Development Center (KRDC)

Gori Photographers Club

Initiative group “Maro” – Shida Kartli

Union of Young Researchers and Analysts – Shida Kartli

Karaleti Women Solidarity Center

Women and Development – Shida Kartli

Gori Community Radio “Mosaic”

Platform Hello

Bridge of friendship “Kartlosi” – Shida Kartli

“Center for Welfare and Development” – Shida Kartli

“Georgian Media Group” – Shida Kartli

Shida Kartli Information Center

Gori Information Center

Radio “Old Town” – Imereti

Organization for Rights and Education – Imereti

Imereti Regional Development Program

“Learn the agency in Imereti”

Organization “House of Future Development” – Imereti

News Agency First News – Imereti

Organization “Kutaisi Women’s Club” – Imereti

Organization “Saati” – Imereti

“Dialogue of Generations” – Imereti

Organization “Khoni Community Education Center” – Imereti

Regional Initiatives Center “Bright Future”

Organization “English Language Teachers’ Space” – Imereti

Studio Reki – Adjara

Society “Batumi”

Institute of Democracy – Adjara 

Changes for Equal Rights – Adjara

Academy of Public Development – Adjara

Tanadgoma – Batumi branch 

Batumi Bicycle club- Adjara

Batumi Independent Living Center

Association Flora and Fauna – Adjara

Political union “Droa”

Political Union “Lelo for Georgia”

Political Union – “Republican Party of Georgia”

Political Union “Free Democrats”

Political union “Ana Dolidze – for the people

Political Union “Strategy Aghmashenebeli”

Agency JvariPressnews

“Start Now”

Civic Education and Development Center

Informational Developer HUB (IDH)

Parents organization of Children with disabilities ‘Lampari’

Human Rights Research Center (HRRC)

MediaSakhli “P.S.”

“Civil Society and Media Development Institute (CSMDI) “

CRI “Bright Future”

Ad Hoc React Center

Political Union “For Justice”

Media Researcher

Space for Education and Development

“Youth Alternative”

Activist (Member of Democracy School Association)

Irine Kurtanidze

Maia Machavariani

Political Union “Citizens”

Nabiji Kharagauli Journalist

Democracy House of Georgia

Borjomi Youth Center

Education expert, Doctor of Humanitarian Sciences

Media/news company ‘Kakhetis Khma’

Association HERA XXI

Knowledge Centre

Women from regions Georgia

Association of Women Farmers

Association for the Protection of Parents and Children’s Interests “Dia”

Young Scientists Union ‘Intellect’

“Partnership for Education and Communication”



Sector 3

“Society Biliki”


The representatives of civil society, media, academia, and political parties, united by the belief that Georgia must be a democratic state and a member of the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization