Strategic Planning for Political Parties: A Practical Tool

The experiences of the NIMD work in party development in Georgia were summed up in the publication created jointly by the NIMD and International IDEA for the purposes of their further use in the program countries of the two organisations.

This Strategic Planning Tool for Political Parties is a contribution that parties around the world can use in their attempts to further gain the interest and trust of citizens. In this tool, which was first successfully tested by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) in its programmes in Georgia and Mozambique, NIMD hopes that political parties will find a resource to improve their public standing as well as their chances at electoral success. This tool is intended to guide political party assistance providers in helping political parties set up and carry out strategic planning processes. It offers an approach to, and guidelines for, the practice of strategic planning aimed at systematically strengthening parties’ organisational capacities. Electoral campaigning strategy is one aspect of a party’s organisational functioning, but by no means is the core issue in organisational strategic planning.

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