Policy Development in Georgian Political Parties and NGOs

This publication (Georgian & English) reflects research methods, approaches and traditions guiding the policy formation in Georgian political parties. The nature of the process, in which political parties shape their ideas into programs, has a considerable impact on the functioning of nation’s political system. Intra-party discussions, research, systems of planning and analysis, monitoring and evaluation of policies or, their absence, have strong influence on the workings of individual political parties as well as national politics.

This research assesses several dimensions of policy formation. First and foremost, NIMD is interested in the intra-party mechanisms (if any) for developing political programs, the extent to which policy formation is institutionalized, democratic and effective and when this is not the  case, we tried to see as to what are the obstacles that need to be overcome. This research also looks at the capacities that exist in Georgia’s non-profit, research sector to aid political parties in this work and the methods and resources that are being used in communicating policy ideas to the public.

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