Local Self-Government. Political Party Finance. Women and Security

This publication is a combination of three policy papers commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy in cooperation with the European Partnership for Democracy. The content is devoted to the issues of political party finance, local self-government and women’s participation in politics. These topics are at the centre of policy debates in Georgia.

Ketevan Bolkvadze’s paper draws the comparison of Armenian and Georgian system of political funding and provides recommendations on how they can be reformed. Nino Kakubava and Tamunia Chincharauli analyze legislative and institutional aspects of participation. Rusudan Kervalishvili’s paper is about women’s engagement in peace and security. It goes through the international obligations of Georgia and draws recommendations on how to better materialise them.

The policy papers are based on research carried out by professionals of relevant fields and address three critically important challenges of the current Georgian politics.

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