Presentation of Tbilisi Democracy School program

On September 13, Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy organized an open door presentation event about Tbilisi Democracy School in “Fabrika”. Executive Director of EECMD Levan Tsutskiridze and Democracy Education Program Officer Nino Khitarishvili provided attendees with detailed information about Tbilisi Democracy School and about the issues related to the program.

Democracy School is an intensive five-month educational program for active citizens interested in the issues of contemporary politics, development of cities and democracy. The aim of the program is to strengthen, educate and support political leaders of new generation.

Our centres of political education have been functioning in the four cities of Georgia (Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori and Telavi) since 2011. This year Tbilisi and Pankisi Democracy Schools were added to the list. In this program, EECMD relied on its and NIMD’s decade-long international experience, as well as on the knowledge of international or local experts and practitioners.

Study process will start in October, 2018 and will end in February, 2019. Call for applications for the schools of Kutaisi, Gori and Batumi will be announced soon.

This project is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia.