Introduction into Strategic Planning for Armenian Political Parties

On March 9 and March 10, the NIMD conducted introductory trainings on methodology of Strategic Planning for Political Parties for the Republican party of Armenia, Civil Contract, and Bright Armenia parties.

The strategic planning methodology was created by the NIMD to assist political parties of young democracies develop into well institutionalized organizations. The methodology, which is based on best European practices and the NIMD’s experience in political party development work around the world, encompasses the in-depth intra-party assessment, mission evaluation and planning organizational development work. The tool helps political parties address the importance of strategic planning as a means for strengthening their capacity to engage in organizational learning and respond to changing circumstances. Strategic planning and resulting strategic plan can be implemented with an eye on the entire political party organization or be more focused on development of different branches and units of a political party.

The instrument offers political parties the opportunity to step back from day-to-day activities and reflect on more fundamental and long-term issues. It also provides an approach for setting realistic long-term objectives for repairing, maintaining or enhancing their institutional strength. From a process point of view, engaging in strategic planning helps to increase internal debate and idea-formation, and to gather people around common objectives. As a result, priorities for institutional strengthening can be identified, strategies to move forward can be formulated and benchmarks for progress can be established.