Call for Applications: Recruiting Students for the Ukrainian Democracy Schools

The Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy is pleased to open a call for applications to select students  for Democracy Schools in Lviv, Odesa, Poltava, Dnipro and Kyiv for a new season of 2019-2020. Democracy School  is an intensive five-months educational program that focuses on democratic governance, democratic policy and political action issues, designed for the representatives of political, public, civil society and media sectors, respectively.  Trainings will start in October 2019 and will last till March 2019, including 5-hour meetings twice a week.

Trainings at Democracy Schools will be delivered by political analysts, academics and experts of the field. In addition to it, extracurricular meetings will be organized with well-known political practitioners and public figures to discuss the ongoing issues of national importance. Attending Democracy Schools is absolutely free of charge. After graduation students will be awarded with certificates. Besides, EECMD constantly addresses its efforts to engage the students in its alumni network, provide them with exclusive opportunities to participate in different trainings, workshops and peer exchange visits.

Throughout the five months, following topics will be covered: Political Culture; International and Ukrainian Political Context; Contemporary Challenges to Democracy and the Role of Civil Society; Human Rights Protection and the Rule of Law; Constitution and the Division of Powers; Role of the Judicial System; Elections and Electoral Systems; Political Parties and Party Funding; Local Government and Decentralization; Corruption and Anti-corruption Policy Measures; Political Inclusiveness; Dialogue between Civil Society, Political Parties and the Government.

Fill out the application form by clicking here.

Deadline for the applications is July 30, 2019.

Our contacts:

  • Kyiv office – Kyrylo Tretiak, Program Officer for Ukraine (45-49 Vozdvizhenska Str., office 502; +380504419225,
  • Lviv office – Petro Kuzyk, Coordinator of the Democracy School in Lviv (+380973683560,
  • Odesa office – Yuliia Tymchyk, Coordinator of the Democracy School in Odesa (+380639919510,
  • Poltava Office – Yuliia Horodchanina, Coordinator of the Democracy School in Poltava (+380951229644

If you have questions about the Democracy School in Dnipro and Kyiv, please contact the Kyiv office.

The Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy is pleased to open a call for applications to select students for Democracy Schools in Lviv, Poltava, Odessa, Kyev and Dnipro.