Democracy needs democrats

This is why we work to enhance democratic traditions, strengthen democratic political parties and create strong grassroots democracy.

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Political Dialogue Meetings – Drive Democracy Project

In five cities of Georgia political dialogue formats have been established and the first meetings were already held in Telavi, Gori, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

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Call for Proposals for Democracy Schools in Ukraine 2020

Read more will be renewed for the Parliamentary Elections of 2020

EECMD is updating for the Parliamentary Elections of 2020.

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Strengthening political parties and movements through strategic planning

Based on the project priorities and the political developments, five political parties and/or movements were selected for partnership.

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Online meetings with local government officials

EECMD is hosting online meetings with local government officials in 5 cities of Georgia

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Volunteering of Democracy Schools Alumni in the time of COVID-19

The alumni of EECMD Democracy Schools and the participants of the “DRIVE Democracy” project are actively involved in volunteer activities in different regions of Georgia.

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Voter information websites

WWW.PREZIDENTI.GE has been created to foster an informed political debate on the issues that are important to the Georgian society for upcoming Presidential Elections of October, 27. is NIMD's project, which regularly publishes the views of the political parties on the political, economic and social issues since 2012.